We're a venture studio working to create bold new companies for one of the largest underserved populations in the worldolder adults

Older adults are the world’s third largest economy.

10,000 Americans retire every day. This new phase comes with different interests, lifestyles, and behaviors — that go way beyond the limiting stereotypes we still see in popular culture. It’s a big, diverse, exciting market that is still largely untapped. We invest in great new companies looking to serve these markets.

And they’re spending more on goods and services than anyone.

The older adult population has doubled in the last 40 years. And what pop culture says about them isn’t true. They are not here to sit back and rest. They want to make the most of their lives every day. At work. At home. In relationships. We co-design with older adults, in order to invent what they want, together.

But not many are designing for the things older adults actually want.

Older Americans are looking for ways to remain engaged, outgoing, and evolving in their lives. But very few companies are offering exciting, empowered ways of doing that. Later age isn’t boring. What companies are creating for them is. We aim to make great, accessible, affordable goods and services that older adults love using.

Better connections

Older adults crave better ways to find communities of people that share their passions and interests.

Empowered wellness

Older adults want to have more choice and control over the services and communities that help them stay active, vibrant, and vital.

New ways to work

People want ways to continue to contribute, feel relevant, and have purpose even after they’ve given up the 9 to 5.

Next level love

People want solutions that recognize the uniquely good and uniquely challenging aspects of love and intimacy in later life.

We offer the knowledge, team, and access you’ll need to get it right.

Customer insights

You’ll be able to test, learn and prototype in real time with our community of older adults.


We have a team of product designers, researchers and business designers to support you in de-risking your idea to get you to product market fit faster.

Access to capital

We’ll fund great ideas with pre-seed investment so you can turn your idea into a business.

We're here to support you through some of the biggest challenges early stage founders face.