Build with us.

Alive Ventures is seeking exceptional entrepreneurs who want to build innovative companies that help older adults live, work, and love better.

Our Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program is designed to support and rapidly advance the founding of high potential new ventures. We know that starting a company can be lonely, and we are here to be your ideal co-founders. We’ll help you sort through ideas, provide resources to accelerate concept validation, get you in front of customers, support team recruitment and serve as a thought partner as you prepare, launch and scale.

Our EIRs are passionate about bringing great companies to market.

We’re looking for entrepreneurs who are:

  • Experienced in building early-stage companies
  • Skilled at building teams
  • Expert in engineering, design, product development, or marketing functions
  • Confident in raising venture capital
  • Genuinely interested in shifting the narrative on aging
  • Experienced at sharing their passion with others

Let's co-found startups to help us all grow older, better.