Be part of a community working to reimagine the experience of aging.

Great companies for older adults start with older adults. The difference is you.

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What does it mean to be part of the Alive Community?

Great companies for older adults start with older adults. The difference is you.

Our network of older adults engages with us to offer feedback and insights on what they want and need. By using personal life experience to inform beautiful, functional, and desirable design our community members have a unique opportunity to play an active role in shaping products and services that shift the narrative on aging.
Together, we’re creating meaningful brands that meet the unique needs and desires of our aging population.

Connect with new friends

Meet like-minded people, gain new perspectives, and learn from one another by joining virtual gatherings and lively discussions. Visit our free and private online social network to join the conversation here.

Attend fun and unique events

Participate in creative workshops, engage in stimulating conversations, and connect with community members through virtual gatherings and activities.

Share your voice and be heard

Contribute to conversations around topics we are exploring, share your input through surveys, or join live interactions to test pre-release products.

Be part of something bigger

Contribute to a positive social change by enhancing the aging experience for current and future generations.

Why others have joined us.

“The community actively engages the members to participate vs. just sharing information.”

“I like the idea of my opinion making a difference.”

“I like to share my own stories about how older people are re-shaping old stereotypes.”

Ways to get involved.

From sharing your story, lending your feedback, or experimenting with new designs, we have many ways for you to engage. Join our newsletter for regular updates on opportunities or visit our Upcoming Events page.
To learn about our Elder Advisory Committee, click here.