Elder Advisory Committee

The Alive Ventures Elder Advisory Committee (EAC) is a unique opportunity for adults age 60 and up to play a vital role in shaping products that amplify the joys of later life for current and future generations.

Our committee members believe that the current design for older adults isn’t great and have joined our efforts to make better, more beautiful, functional, and empowering products for the older adult market.
The EAC is a paid, rotating cohort committee of adults ages 60+ who meet every week (via zoom) to provide regular insight and feedback on product and services in development. No experience besides life experience is required. Each cohort will focus around our core thematic areas of Love, Work, Vitality or Friendship.

If you’re interested in joining a future committee, please apply below!

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Cohort 4

February - April, 2022

Cohort 5

March - May, 2022

Words from committee members

“I thoroughly enjoyed each of our meetings, whereby, I began to learn different aspects of our topics. I welcome the opportunity to participate further.”

“I enjoy being in a group who agrees that aging is not only normal but includes opportunity, growth and joy.”

“I love to be part of re-imagining life as we age and knowing that my voice and opinion is heard and valued”

Meet our committee members!

Cohort 01

Lynn Hasty, Trinidad Garcia, Susan Oakley, Carole Mukai-Tyrrell, Judy Capel, Nancy Peckenham, Elaine Durbach, Mafa Edwards, Connie Howard, Bob Dashman, Kevin Finney, Theodore Davis, Steven Berke,
Gary Getz