Love is a core human emotion that we crave throughout our lifetimes. For many single older adults, however, their expectations about love and romance have evolved from their youth. As children leave home, older adults begin to focus less on supporting others and more on their own needs, cultivating a stronger understanding of who they are and who they want to be with. And with their established lives, they often meet their emotional needs through family and friends.
Older adults increasingly use dating apps and online platforms to find love. Unfortunately, scams frequently target them, and many older adults spoke to us about the quantity of fake accounts encountered. Acutely aware that the digital experience creates more opportunities for deceit, they tire of combing through profiles, weeding out the disingenuous and investing in conversations to find the fractional number of real people, who may not even be a fit. As a result, these services engender low levels of trust. Older adults would value vetting or verification being built into these offerings to give them confidence that they have a genuine chance of finding a real, quality partner.

So while love is important, older adults are looking not to grow up with someone but rather for someone who fits into their life as it currently stands.