We design for older adults, with older adults.

To design products that older adults actually want, we must invite them into the design process.

So much of how we design for older people is about someone else’s notion of what an older person wants, we’re here to change that. We’ve developed a system of co-designing with older adults to better understand what types of things they need to live full, three-dimensional lives.

We’ve gathered a community of older adults who are joining us in our mission.

We’re not going it alone, and neither should you.

We know you’ll need help in designing for older adults, so we’ve organized a collective of adults over 60 who believe that later life is thrilling, but feel the current products and services are poorly designed and fail to truly understand them. They’ve joined us to help shift the narrative on aging by providing insights and feedback to design beautiful products and experiences which magnify the joys of later life.

Together we’re exploring later life, to uncover real, exciting innovation opportunities.

Design opportunities derived from abundant user exploration.

We’ve learned that older adults have an incredible vibrancy, and wisdom about life. Like you and me, older adults want lives where they can fall in love again. They want to feel empowered to use their time and skills to contribute to meaningful projects while helping them earn incomes along the way. They want to better themselves, intellectually, physically and spiritually. They want lives filled with interesting people to know and connect with. What drives us in later life are the same goals, hopes, and desires that we have in every phase of our lives.